HiGRO-GUARD Winter Admixture

A concentrated liquid admixture formulated to accelerate the normal setting time of concrete, to increase early strength development as well as ultimate strength and to provide cold weather protection.  HiGRO-GUARD assures uniform curing of concrete – even in low temperatures – resulting in more work days and extended production hours.  Concrete work can be satisfactorily performed in temperatures as low as 15 degrees F without the use of auxiliary heat sources.

Lowers the freezing point of concrete, and speeds the release of the normal heat of hydration of cement.  Most import, it accelerates the set and quickly develops the amount of strength needed to resist the disruptive effects of unforeseen drops in temperature.  Hinders the formation of large ice crystals which cause the most damage.  Same effective temperature range as Anti-Hydro for use as a winter admixture (15-24 degrees: 1:10 / 25-31 deg: 1:12 / 32+ deg: 1:16)

**Our most economically priced winter admixture**

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
HGUARD1 Higroguard Winter Admix Gallons 4/box 1 box
HGUARD5 Higroguard Winter Admix 5-Gal Pail per pail 1 pail
HGUARD55 Higroguard Winter Admix 55 Gal Drum per drum 1 drum

HiGRO Cure & Seal – Concrete Coating for Fresh or Existing Concrete

A formulation based aqueous dispersion of styrene/acrylate polymer which will effectively cure, harden, rustproof and seal freshly poured concrete in one simply solution.  On older concrete, it is an effective seal coat that is resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, oils, and other potentially destructive chemicals.  It will also promote excellent adhesion of tile and carpet adhesives.  It may be used on exterior concrete surfaces to prevent spalling from de-icing salts and guard against freeze-thaw deterioration.  Exceeds the moisture retention and dry time requirements of ASTM C309.

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
HCS1 Higro Cure & Seal WB Gallons 4/box 1 box
HCS5 Higro Cure & Seal WB 5-Gal Pail per pail 1 pail

HiGRO Paver Sealer #350

Water-based, water-clear sealer for paving stones, slate, brick, concrete, bluestone or similar masonry surfaces (interior or exterior applications).  Dries in less than one hour to a low-sheen, slip-resistant finish.  Additional coats will add to the durability and increase the gloss level.  It does not “haze” in the presence of moisture.  Its excellent ultra-violet resistance protects against intercoat peeling or leafing.  It is based on an exclusive acrylic-urethane formulation.

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
H350 Higro #350 Paver Sealer Quarts 6/box 1 box
H3501 Higro #350 Paver Sealer Gallons 4/box 1 box
H3505 Higro #350 Paver Sealer 5-Gal Pail per pail 1 pail

HiGRO Waterstop #3

Water-soluble silicone-based water repellent that penetrates deep into the pores of a masonry surface to protect from moisture damage.  Without this protection masonry and cementitious surfaces absorb water into pores and capillaries causing internal stresses during freeze/thaw cycles, which in turn can induce spalling.  Waterston #3 will not cause a noticeable change in the appearance of the substrate.  Waterstop #3 was tested and met the federal specification SS-W-110C for absorbing less than one percent water absorption.

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
WSTOP1 Higro Waterstop #3 Gallons 4/box 1 box
WSTOP5 Higro Waterstop #3 5-Gal Pail per pail 1 pail
WSTOP55 Higro Waterstop #3 55 Gal Drum per drum 1 drum