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Anti-Hydro® Waterproof Concrete

An Admixture That Has Been Widely Used Since 1904 To Integrally Waterproof Concrete And Increase Workability, Strength, Hardness, And Durability. 

Anti-Hydro is a combination of organic and inorganic chemicals that reacts with portland cement to produce more complete hydration. Water requirements, bleed water and shrinkage are reduced. The increased hydration provides internal curing and a much denser cement paste. “Anti-Hydro” increases the early and ultimate strength of concrete. These combined reactions produce impermeable concrete that is hard and non-dusting.

Anti-Hydro® works with any product containing portland cement (concrete, mortar mix, stucco, & tile grout)

Anti-Hydro® will do two things when you add it to your concrete, tile grout, mortar or stucco:

“Anti-Hydro”® will raise the percentage of hydration of this mix (the amount of cement that actually chemically reacts with the water) from the usual 65% to 70% range to approximately 95%. This is a significant change to the final properties of the product which yields denser, harder material which is impermeable to water and a near total vapor barrier as well.

“Anti-Hydro”® is a high-range accelerator too. This means that the concrete mix will harden far faster than normal and that means when it’s used in winter it will harden before it freezes. And, it allows for far faster installation… more control over your work in less time.

For more information please download the brochure, visit the Anti-Hydro website or call our office at 800-334-0541

  • Waterproofing- Complete waterproofing protection for concrete, masonry, stucco, precast concrete, structural concrete, swimming pools, tanks, basements, chimneys, cement pargeting, patching & underground utility work
  • Cold Weather Protection- Keeps concrete & mortar from freezing, sets quickly
  • High Strength- Dramatically increases strength
  • Hardening & Densifying- Over 30% harder and denser
  • Water Vapor Control- Reduces All Vapor Transmission up to 85%!
  • Improved Bonding- Bonds new concrete – the bond is stronger than the concrete itself
  • Increase Durability- It will last years longer!
  • Protect Against Abrasion- Drag dumpsters on it, forklifts on it, chains and weights on it – it will last far longer
  • Reduce Shrinkage- And all those cracks and water passageways!


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* Non-Chloride 5 Gal. also available

A-H Accello

A Ready To Use, VOC Compliant, Set Accelerating Admixture That Has Been Extensively Used In Cold Weather Conditions To Economically Obtain Cold Weather Protections, Often Eliminating The Need For Externally Applied Heat, And Hearly Strength For Portland Cement Mixes.

A-H Accello is a VOC compliant, set accelerating, water reducing liquid admixture. It is used in structural concrete, plain concrete, masonry mortars, stucco and plaster for acceleration and cold weather protection where calcium chloride admixtures are appropriate. (It must be used in accordance with our cautions and instructions and in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.)

  • Reduces finishing time and increases early strengths allowing for early removal of forms
  • Improves workability and finishing properties
  • Reduces water requirements
  • Reduces bleed water and segregation, therefore creating a much denser cement paste

For more information please visit the Anti-Hydro website or call our office at 800-334-0541.

Available in 5 Gal Pails.

Please Call for Pricing.