ADA Tactile Mats

In developing TufTile we focused on both the polymer used in the production of our tiles and on the geometry of the tile. TufTile’s ADA Tactile Tiles are manufactured with an advanced proprietary polymer that offers exceptional performance characteristics.  TufTile detectable warning products are designed with features that will ensure years of trouble-free performance.

  • UV Stabilized, High-Impact Polymer construction
  • Impact, abrasion, & wear resistant
  • Tiles are replaceable
  • ADA compliant wet & dry slip-resistant surface
  • Uniform color throughout entire thickness of tile
  • Interchangeable: Polymer tiles can be replaced with TufTile cast iron tiles
  • Two styles: Wet Set or Surface-Applied


  • Colonial Red, Brick Red, and Yellow  –  2′ x 2′,   2′ x 3′,   2′ x 4′,   2′ x 5′


  • In-Line truncated domes comply with all ADA specifications.
  • North -South & East-West Spacing is 2.35″


  • TufTile’s are replaceable.  Replacement is an economic alternative to concrete replacement (see our instructions on “Tile Replacement”)


  • Wet-Set tiles are shipped with a protective weather resistant surface film
  • Film is not wrapped under the tile


  • For existing concrete
  • Low profile & beveled perimeter edges for safe transition
  • Cost- effective ADA compliance alternative to new concrete installation
  • Includes carbide bits, anchors, screws & sealant

Beveled Edges (Surface Applied)

  • Smooth transition between the TufTile and other surfaces.

Anchors And Fasteners (Surface Applied)

  • Molded from a super tough polymer, Surface Applied Anchors are corrosion-proof.

Wet Set:

  • For new construction
  • Unique “umbrella” style anchors lock tile securely into concrete without displacing aggregate
  • Uniform tile underside eliminates trapping air during installation
  • Concrete Keepers integrate with concrete “slurry” holding fast when concrete cure

Anchors And Fasteners (Wet-Set)

  • Molded from a super tough polymer, Wet-Set Anchors will not rust.

Concrete Keepers And Void-Free Back (Wet-Set)

  • The back of our tiles include our “concrete keepers” which enable wet concrete to work its way up and over and around a series of “hooks” molded into the back of the tile.
Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
TT2448-SA-BRD Tuf-Tite ADA Surface Applied Tactile Tile Brick Red per tile 1 tile
TT2448-SA-GRY Tuf-Tite ADA Surface Applied Tactile Tile Grey per tile 1 tile
TT2448-WS-BRD Tuf-Tite ADA Wet Set Tactile Tiles Brick Red per tile 1 tile
TT2448-WS-GRY Tuf-Tite ADA Wet Set Tactile Tiles Grey per tile 1 tile

Car Stops

Tuf Stop Car Stop

Click on the brochure linked below for more information on these tough car stops!

Tuf-Stop Car Stop

Order Code Product Description Packaged
TSB TUF-STOP 6′ Car Stop Handicap Blue per stop
TSY TUF-STOP 6′ Car Stop Yellow per stop

GNR Park-It® parking curb

Unlike concrete or plastic, which necessitate frequent replacements, recycled rubber car stops are safer and more durable. In-molded highway reflective tape (available in yellow or white) ensures visibility and pedestrian safety. The GNR Park-It® parking curb is constructed of 100% recycled rubber.

The Park It® comes with pre-molded holes and can be shipped with anchoring spikes or lag bolts for installation. They are lightweight (34 lbs. for a 6′ car stop) and flexible; conforming to the contour of uneven road surfaces.

Order Code Product Description Packaged
GNR6PIY Park-It 6′ Rubber Curb Stop Yellow per stop
GNR6PIB Park-It 6′ Rubber Curb Stop Handicap Blue per stop

Speed Bumps

Easy Rider® speed bumps are the ideal maintenance-free parking lot solution. In addition to enhancing parking lot safety, the bumps can lower insurance premiums for lot owners.

Molded highly reflective tape ensures that the speed bumps are visible even on a dark night. Cat’s eye reflectors further enhance visibility to alert drivers well in advance. The bumps have a channeled bottom to facilitate drainage as well as to cover cabling or piping.

The Easy Rider® is available in 4′ and 6′ lengths including end caps to protect the speed bump ends and vehicles.

Easy Rider® Speed Bumps are:

  • Made of 100% recycled rubber
  • Long lasting and cost efficient
  • Reduces speed to 2-5 mph
  • High visibility at night
  • Simple installation
  • Product can be installed in sections to create varying lengths
  • Will not warp, crack, chip or rot
  • Can be installed on any road surface
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil, and extreme temperatures
  • Temporary or permanent installation – Relocatable when resurfacing / maintaining road surfaces; products can be stored and re-used
  • Channeled bottom for cabling and piping
  • Lowers insurance premiums for lot owners
  • Maintenance free
  • Warranty: 3 years on the product; 1 year on the tape (under normal use)
Order Code Product Description Packaged
GNR6ERSB Easy-Rider 6′ Rubber Speed Bump per bump
6ERSBGR Easy-Rider 6′ Reflectors/Glo Rider Speed Bump per bump

14″ Capped Rebar Spikes

14″ rebar spike for use with speed bumps and parking stops.

Perfect for use in School Zones Parking Lots and Pedestrian Crossings.

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
GNR14RS 14″ Capped Rebar Spikes for Bumps/Stops per piece 1 piece