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Road Rescue® Asphalt Patch is designed specifically for patching and repairing potholes in roads, driveways, and parking lots.  No matter if it is hot or cold, wet or dry, Road Rescue® can handle the task and is immediately ready for traffic!

Our natural limestone rock asphalt product has been used to pave highways and roads throughout Texas and surrounding states for 116 years!

Potholes are a LEGAL LIABILITY, dangerous and a common cause of accidents and auto related damage.

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Natural, VOC Free Product

35% more coverage than most products on the market

Product can be used in all weather conditions, hot/cold, wet/dry

Product will not solidify in warehouses

RRPR40 Road Rescue Asphalt Patch 40 lb Pail 36 Bags
RRAP50 Road Rescue Asphalt Patch 50 lb Bag 62 Bags

For more information please visit the Road Rescue website or call our office at 800. 334. 0541.