Anchor Bolts

Regular and Galvanized

(and Nuts & Bolts)

Anchor bolts or foundation bolts are embedded in concrete foundations to support structural steel columns, light poles, traffic signals, highway sign structures, industrial equipment and many other applications.

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Code Product Description Quantity
AB10 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 10″ 50/box
AB1058 Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 10″ 25/box
AB12 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 12″ 50/box
AB1258 Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 12″ 25/box
AB14 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 14″ 50/box
AB16 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 16″ 50/box
AB18 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 18″ 50/box
AB20 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 20″ 50/box
AB24 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 24″ 50/box
AB6 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 6″ 50/box
AB8 Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 8″ 50/box
AB858 Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 8″ 25/box
ABG10 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 10″ 50/box
ABG12 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 12″ 50/box
ABG1258 GALV.Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 12″ 25/box
ABG14 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 14″ 50/box
ABG16 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 16″ 50/box
ABG1658 GALV.Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 16″ 25/box
ABG18 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 18″ 50/box
ABG1834 GALV.Anchor Bolt 3/4″x 18″ 20/box
ABG1858 GALV.Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 18″ 25/box
ABG20 GALV. Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 20″ 50/box
ABG6 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 6″ 50/box
ABG8 GALV.Anchor Bolts 1/2″x 8″ 50/box
ABG858 GALV.Anchor Bolts 5/8″x 8″ 25/box


Nuts and Washers for Anchor Bolts

 Code Product Description Quantity
NW Nuts & Washers 1/2″ 50/bag
NWG GALV. Nuts & Washers 1/2″ 50/bag
NWG58 GALV. Nuts & Washers 5/8″ 25/bag