SikaRepair 222 Patching Mortar

SikaRepair® 222 is a one-component, early strength-gaining, cementitious, patching mortar for vertical and horizontal concrete repair.

  • On grade, above and below grade on concrete and mortar.
  • As a repair material for spalled horizontal concrete surfaces, walkways, ramps, steps, etc.
  • Easy-to-use; just add water.
  • Not a vapor barrier.
  • Suitable for exterior and interior applications.
  • Not flammable.
  • Easily applied to clean, sound substrate.
  • High early strengths.

Mapei Planitop Fast Repair Mortar

Planitop X is a one-component, fiber-reinforced, shrinkage-compensated, high-early-strength, fast-setting, polymer-modified, high-build cementitious repair mortar with a corrosion inhibitor.

  • It is suited for all interior/exterior vertical and overhead concrete repairs, including precast/prestressed, tilt-up, post-tensioned and cast-in-place concrete.
  • Planitop X can be applied from featheredge to 4″ (10 cm) per lift.
  • Planitop X is engineered to provide high early strength with ease of application.
  • Planitop X dries to a light gray color, matching most concrete surfaces.

Planitop XS is an extended-working-time variation of Planitop X.

Order Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
SIKA222 SikaRepair 222 Patching Mortar 50lb per bag 1 bag
PLANX MAPEI Planitop” X” Fast Repair Mortar 50# Bag per bag 1 bag
PLANX50 MAPEI Planitop “X” Fast Repair Mortar 50# Pail per pail 1 pail
PLANXS MAPEI Planitop “XS” Fast Repair Mortar 50# Pail per pail 1 pail

Skid Discounts:  56 bags/skid OR 42 pails/skid