It’s that time of year when the temperatures are dropping, but the winter admixture sales begin heating up in stores throughout the Tri-State Region.    Help keep your customers pouring concrete well into the winter by stocking both the premium and value winter admixtures that can meet any job or budget requirements.

We buy TRUCKLOADS at discounted prices in the summer to make sure you get the BEST prices in the winter, but only while supplies last at that price point.

C_IMAGE454         anti-hydro-1gal

ANTI-HYDRO is the iconic integral admixture for waterproofing and hardening many concrete and masonry structures all over the globe since 1904. The success has been attested not only by the commercial recognition accorded by its uses in many prestigious projects worldwide, but also by tests performed by many governmental agencies and accredited independent laboratories.  It is the only tested and approved admixture by the US federal government, making it the gold standard in the industry.  Available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon drums.

Higroguard 5-gal                 Higroguard 1-gal

HiGROGUARD does not have the century of history, tests, or accolades, but it does meet the ASTM specification for accelerating admix and costs a fraction of the cost of it’s competitor, Anti-Hydro.  If your customers just want to get the job done in winter and keep costs down at the same time, this is the product for them.  Available in 1-and 5-gallons.

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