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Flood Flaps® Multi-Purpose Series vents are certified to provide flood protection and air ventilation. These models are perfectly designed for an enclosure or crawlspace in a flood plain that desires natural air while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary. The patented grill remains closed and secure until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area.

Why Flood Flaps?

  • Savings on NFIP flood insurance premiums
  • NFIP/FEMA compliant
  • Allows water to enter or exit an enclosure
  • Protects 220 sq. ft. of enclosed area, more than all other certified vents
  • Will not rust or pit, no maintenance, rinsing or lubricating required
  • Pest and debris resistant in non-flood situations
Engineered Flood Vents with Exterior Trim Flange
CODE Product Description
FFNF05TF FF Trim Flange Multi Purpose Series 5”
FFWF05TF FF Trim Flange Sealed Series 5”

                                      Also available in 8″

FFVATF Interior Trim Flange Accessory
FFVAWI Exterior Winterizer Insulator Accessory**eliminates air infiltration

For more information please contact our office at 800.334.0541 or visit Flood Flap’s website here.