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Hancor 3000 Triple-wall HDPE pipe is triple-bonded polyethylene for exceptional pipe stiffness. With smooth inner and outer walls and a corrugated structural core, Hancor 3000 Triple-wall HDPE pipe is designed to have superior pipe stiffness to that of PVC sewer and drain pipe.

  • All materials used, recycled and virgin HDPE resins alike, are tested in accordance with ASTM D1248 and ASTM D3350 and meet or exceed all requirements.
  • Unaffected by extended exposure to the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation. Immune to freeze/thaw conditions and continuous subzero temperatures.
  • Made with a white high density polyethylene layer around a black polyethylene core to form a lightweight pipe with excellent beam stiffness.
  • Corrosion resistant to acids, alkalies, and salts. Will not rust.
  • Safe, easy, efficient installations without breaking, splitting, or cracking. More impact resistant than PVC, ABS, or styrene.
  • Long-term performance without costly maintenance or replacement.
  • Constructed with bell-and-spigot ends for soil-tight joints.
 Code Product Description Packaged Min Order
SD310P 3″x 10′ PERF 150/skid 1 skid
SD310S 3″x 10′ Solid 150/skid 1 skid
SD410P 4″x 10′ PERF 90/skid 1 skid
SD410S 4″x 10′ Solid 90/skid 1 skid
SD610P 6″x 10’PERF 39/skid 1 skid
SD610S 6″x 10’Solid 39/skid 1 skid

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Pond Dams

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Ag Mains

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Sewer & Drain Fittings

Code Product Description Packaged
DG04 4″ Drain Gate 20/box
DG06 6″ Drain Gate 12/box
V103 Coupling 3″ HxH 50/box
V104 Coupling 4″ HxH 50/box
V1043 Coupling 4″x 3″ HxH 40/box
V106 Coupling 6″ HxH 24/box
V1064 Coupling 6″x 4″ HxH 24/box
V1104 4″ Sanitary Tee’s HxHxH 25/box
V1403 Cap 3″ H 30/box
V1404 Cap 4″ H 30/box
V1406 Cap 6″ H 30/box
V1703 Downspout Adapter 2x3x3 50/box
V1704 Downspout Adapter 2x3x4 50/box
V1705 Downspout Adapter 3x4x4 25/box
V1706 Downspout Adapter 4x6x6 15/box
V1714 Offset Downspout Adapter 2x3x4 25/box
V1715 Offset Downspout Adapter 3x4x4 25/box
V1803 3″ Drain Grate 50/box
V1804 4″ Drain Grate 40/box
V1806 6″ Drain Grate 30/box
V1903 3″Threaded Clean-Out 40/box
V1904 4″ Threaded Clean-Out 20/box
V1906 6″ Cleanout S x FIP 12/box
V2003 3″ Threaded Plug 50/box
V2004 4″ Threaded Plug 50/box
V2006 6″ Threaded Plug 12/box
V2043 4″to 3″ HxH Coupling 40/box
V2044 4″x 4″ SWR x DWV Couplng 25/box
V303 3″ 90o 1/4 Bend HxH 25/box
V304 4″ 90o 1/4 Bend HxH 36/box
V306 6″ 90o 1/4 Bend HxH 12/box
V3304 4″ 90 Deg.Short Bend HxH 25/box
V403 3″ 90o 1/4 Bend HxS 25/box
V404 4″ 90o 1/4 Bend HxS 36/box
V406 6″ 90o1/4 Bend HxS 12/box
V503 3″ 45o 1/8 Bend HxH 30/box
V504 4″ 45o 1/8 Bend HxH 60/box
V506 6″ 45o 1/8 Bend HxH 18/box
V603 3″ 45o1/8 Bend HxSPG 30/box
V604 4″ 45o 1/8 Bend HxSPG 60/box
V606 6″45o 1/8 Bend HxSPG 18/box
V703 3″22.5o 1/16Bend HxH 25/box
V704 4″ 22.5o 1/16Bend HxH 30/box
V706 6″22.5o 1/16Bend HxH 20/box
V803 3″ Tee’s HxHxH 30/box
V804 4″ Tee’s HxHxH 30/box
V806 6″ Tee’s HxHxH 8/box
V8064 6″x 4″ Tee’s HxHxH 8/box
V903 3″ 45o Wye’s HxHxH 25/box
V904 4″ 45o Wye’s HxHxH 24/box
V906 6″ 45o Wye’s HxHxH 6/box
V9064 6″x 4″ 45o Wye’s HxHxH 8/box

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